Photo 20 Jul 3 notes Lavender and daffodils enjoying the afternoon sun (me too!)

Lavender and daffodils enjoying the afternoon sun (me too!)

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My car CD this week has been Dvořák’s 8th and 9th, and it’s been a really interesting thing to have on while driving around. Different feeling to pop music!

Still excited for tomorrow night, although not as excited but also not as terrified. We moved dinner upstairs to have $15 Mexican instead of $30 whatever, which I am very ok with.

Right now I am about to go to Tom’s because something about an ape movie? I don’t know, but should be fun.

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Link 17 Jul 18,775 notes Australian English - a Handy Guide, part 1»


Pissed: either angry or drunk. Sometimes both.
Piss easy: extremely easy.
Pissed off: either in the context of being angry, or having left a place.
Piss Up: an event containing alcohol.
Pissing down: Raining heavily.
Pissed on: usually used to describe being rained…

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meryl streep

damn she really can play any role



meryl streep

damn she really can play any role

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The past week has been really great for beers. Last Wednesday at trivia I discovered that the Mallow has embraced winter and got all the stouts and porters on tap that they could fit. I tried four, and the best by far was the scotch ale. The worst was one of the porters, which was apparently “oak cask aged” but tasted like they had just added secret ingredient ethanol.

Tonight I had a really long hot shower while drinking a Belgian-style tripel from NZ (pretty much my ultimate beer, as wanky as it sounds / is) and listening to Your Parents Living Room by Shout Out Louds on repeat.

Work literally killing me.

But I am looking forward to Saturday night!

Text 15 Jul 7 notes When the winter did its worst


To me, The Lucksmiths are inextricably tied to the weather. Most of their catalogue I can’t even listen to unless it’s sunny because it just feels incongruous. Every year I revel in the first September day I can actually listen to T-Shirt Weather; it means the spring is finally here and I can be happy again.

However, I hate being separated from The Lucksmiths for so many months of the year, so here’s a list of Luckies songs you can safely listen to in the winter. Some of these songs specifically mention the cold, terrible winter, but some of them just feel like dark, depressing songs fit for this season. Here you go:

California in Popular Song

So, love, you’ve had about enough
Of leaning into the winter wind
Eyes closed and collar up

The Winter Proper

She’s going if not gone
And nothing said would stop her
Put something warmer on
And await the winter proper

There Is A Boy That Never Goes Out

Put the radiator on, it’s freezing
I’m coming over later on this evening
And leave the television off
At least until the conversation’s run its course

The Opposite of Coffee

When the autumn leaves
Then the winter settles in
And sometimes it seems
As if that overcoat’s her second skin

Stayaway Stars

What sorry sights we sometimes are
These same shit nights under stayaway stars
These same shit nights in the saddest bars
The city lights and the stayaway stars

The Shipwreck Coast

Clouds and clifftops close
Grey like all the ghosts
It’s cold in the shipwreck coast this morning

Requiem for the Punters Club

And I was thinking
I have sorrows to be drowned
To complete to contemplate
Without a friend around

The National Mitten Registry

Should you find me forsaken on some neighbour’s fence
One morning out walking when winter relents
All sodden and weatherworn
Threadbare and fallen apart…

(By the way, this is by no means exhaustive. There are plenty of other winter-feeling songs but it’s pretty subjective so I thought I’d leave them out. Also, I didn’t include Pines because although it’s about winter clothes ostensibly, I very strongly feel that it’s set after the winter and therefore is not eligible, because it just makes me wish the winter could be already over.)

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today was wild from start to finish

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rain appreciation post

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I went out to mow the lawn this afternoon but ran out of petrol after like 2 metres so instead I finally planted my lavender and sage and removed four whole agapanthus (which make a really satisfying noise when you dig them up) and moved a bunch of dirt and rocks and bricks and now the front yard looks 25x better (at least). Best part: I kept very warm on this cold cold day.

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